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app :)

name: Sarah

age: 17

country or state: Mi

who referred you here: uhhh just lookin around and found ya

please promote the community in another community;

Food- Mongolian BBQ
Drink- Sierra Mist
Store- Pacific Sunwear
Clothing brand- Hollister
Pet - ferret
Actress/Actor- Angelina Jolie/ Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage
Movies-  ConAir, and anything with Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage or Adam Sandler
TV Shows-  Laguna Beach, Viva La Bam, Jackass, Wild Boys, anything on MTV

Why do you wanna join?- cuz i wanted to meet new ppl and this seemed liek the place to do it.
Promote this community in your journal.:
Post the direct link here-
Will you put a lot of effort in this? of course

This is a pic of me and my bestfriend Briana, she is showing her love for me :)
This is a Pic of me and another one of my Best girls alexia, i am in the glasses
me and my then crush Greg:)

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