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Name:  Joya
Age:  15yrs 11mnths
Birthday:  28.5.89
Location:  Brisbane (Australia)
Relationship Status (picture if possible):  Single

***!Getting To Know You!***

What do you like to do in your spare time:  Build ana/mia sites
Education:  hmm u mean do I go 2 school- no?
Where do you see yourself in 20 years:  Famous Journalist
What activities do you enjoy:  Ana/mia – Movies – modelling
How would you describe yourself:  Shy – flirty - dark
What would your best friend say about you:  Loyal friend - Loving
What are your biggest fears:  Getting fat – dying fat-  becoming nothing


5 Movies:
1.  New York Minuet
2.  Barber Shop 2
3. Centre Stage
4.  The Ring
5.  The Ring 2

Actor:  Johnny Depp
Actress:  Kate Hudson

5 Bands/Artists:
1. Maroon Five
2. Mario
3. Ciara
4. Mya
5. Simple Plan

Song:  First song by Mario duno its name thou
Album:  Fear Flying
Concert: Justin Timberlake

TV Shows: The O.C – 1 Tree Hill – Summer Land – Home & Away
Books:  The Mary -Kate & Ashley Range um & Little women
Food:  NON- Sugar products

Something you hate:  When people pretend to do something & brag about it, like when they say they’ve done drugs & their all like “Yeah I do ekkies & shit”…So lame….

***!Community Stuff!***

How did you hear about hawt_like_me


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***!The Goodies!***

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Post a salute saying “Don’t Ya? USERNAME@lj.com”, this cannot be photoshopped!:  how?

Post a 200x200 picture for the members page: how?

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